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Everything about DISC

DISC analysis is also known as the 4-colour test or the colour personality test. This is because the DISC model is made up of four colours: red, yellow, green and blue. The colours represent the different behavioural styles. Below, we tell you all about DISC.

What exactly is DISC?

DISC is a practical model that helps you understand a person’s observable behaviour with their environment. It reflects how you behave, not who you are. This is measured by the 4 different behavioural styles: dominance, influence, stability and conformism.

Why do you use DISC?

A DISC analysis can help with understanding, awareness and development of people. This can add value for both individuals and groups. It is an accessible tool which can ensure that processes move faster and insights are obtained sooner.

Who is DISC for?

We provide analyses to DISC professionals.
However, taking a DISC analysis is for everyone! The analysis helps with personal development and can also strengthen a team. That is why it is often used by HR, coaches and trainers, for example.

How did the DISC model originate?

The DISC model is partly based on Dr Carl Gustav Jung’s four psychological functions. Yet Dr William Moulton Marston is the founder of the DISC model as we know it today.

DISC colour test report from DISC Boulevard

Want to know more?

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