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The 4 DISC communication styles: how to start the conversation

DISC behavioural styles have different communication preferences. When you start a conversation with someone who has the same DISC profile, your communication preferences match and the conversation can go smoothly. But when you communicate with someone who has a different DISC profile, things can sometimes go a bit stodgy. So it’s important to distinguish and understand the different DISC communication styles that allow you to adapt to your interlocutor. Below, we give tips on how best to approach the DISC styles.

DISC red: dominant

Show confidence! Be direct and powerful in your approach. Highlight what it will bring to the other person and offer options for someone with a high red behavioural style to choose from. They don’t like unnecessary smalltalk and don’t shy away from a direct approach. In fact, this works fine for them because they don’t want to waste time on unnecessary issues. It also motivates them when they are complimented on their goal- and/or result-oriented way of working.

DISC yellow: influence

Be enthusiastic in your communication. Individuals with a high yellow behavioural style want to be seen and liked. It is therefore also important to show interest in the person themselves and not just keep it businesslike. Give good examples instead of unnecessary details. In contact, they are enthusiastic and spontaneous, go along with this! Fun is paramount and the yellow behavioural style will therefore always want to maintain the positive atmosphere. Compliments also contribute to this.

DISC green: stability

Don’t go all in immediately but start with creating a bond of trust. For people with a high green behavioural style, it is mainly about the environment. Without a safe environment, they will not open up. It is also important to approach the green behavioural style in a calm and controlled manner. The green behavioural style does not like haste and/or rushed decisions. Therefore, give them time and space to form opinions as well. Someone who scores high on stability is more likely to put the group before themselves, sometimes it is good to guard them from this.

DISC blue: conformism

Someone with a high blue behavioural style likes to get to know someone well before they open themselves up. Smalltalk is not necessary for them. People with a conformist behavioural style can sometimes come across as distant. They prefer to talk only about relevant matters that are backed up by facts (where necessary). Sticking to agreements is important to everyone, but especially the blue behavioural style attaches great importance to this. For example, they also consider being on time a real must.

Communication do’s & don’ts

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