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The do’s and don’ts per DISC style

What works well for one behavioural style may not work at all for another. In fact, it can backfire. If you want to improve communication with other behavioural styles, the DISC do’s and don’ts below can help you.

DISC rood gedragsstijl icon Red DISC style

Stick to the headlinesDiscuss the risks in detail
Make it clear what it achievesStart a personal conversation
Make eye contactDrift off topic
Give the other person choices, but let them decide for themselvesBeing sensitive about sanctions or threats
Don’t be overwhelmed  Using doubt language
Dare to interrupt the other personCome across as insecure
Stay in control Be humble
Respect one’s timeCome across as disorganised
Prepare properlyForget or lose things
Expect additional questionsEngage in discussion based on emotion
Endorse justified argumentsLeave things unsaid

DISC geel gedragsstijl icon Yellow DISC style

Pay attention to the social aspectGetting over the other person’s feelings
Make concrete (time) agreementsReact detached
Give genuine complimentsHaving a conversation purely on the facts
Bring things light-hearted and with humourGoing into details
Create a good atmosphereLet long silences fall
Be careful not to be disturbed Use formal language
Focus on the essentialsLet the other ramble on for a long period
Understanding one’s limited concentrationGoing along in what could be for too long
Creating structure in conversationsGo without concrete commitments
Focus on the relationship first, then the taskTalk in impossibilities

DISC groen gedragsstijl icon Green DISC style

Give the other person space and time to respondExpect an immediate decision
Show genuine interest and attentionFocusing only on the task at hand in the conversation
Bevestig de ander regelmatigFacing a confrontation
Take initiative in the conversation Trying to rush the other person
Match your pace to the other personLong-term eye contact
Avoid discussions that get tenseGetting right down to business
Express your sincere appreciationSuddenly change course
Ask open-ended questions and wait for responseAsk for opinion in a group
Provide clear instruction on the howDisturbing the harmony or atmosphere
Take your time, put the other person at easeOffering assurance you cannot deliver

DISC blauw gedragsstijl icon Blue DISC style

Be very well preparedArriving too early or too late
Come up with factsEen emotioneel betoog houden
Substantiate your storyKeep on talking
Listen actively, take notesEngaging in a personal conversation
Confirm agreements madeJumping from topic to topic
Keep your distance, literally and figurativelyComing in with lots of energy and noise
Following rules and proceduresPush, putting pressure
Go for qualityComing across as sloppy or careless
Keeping your promisesMaking assumptions or being vague
Putting your proposal in writingTaking risks