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Sell with DISC: The connection between DISC and marketing

The world of marketing is all about understanding consumer behaviour and responding to the needs of potential customers. Personas are often created. One model that can help create personas is the DISC model. Each behavioural style has its own characteristics and preferences. In this blog, for each DISC behavioural style, we will give you some examples of decision-making and what can put them over the top.

DISC red: dominance

People with a dominant behavioural style are often assertive, determined and competitive. They are focused on results and like to take charge. To convince this group to buy a product or service, it is best to highlight the benefits and results. Use strong language and show how your product helps them achieve their goals.
For example, if you sell a fitness product, focus on the quick results they can get using your product.

DISC yellow: influence

Behavioural style influence is characterised by enthusiasm, optimism and social skills. People with a high yellow DISC style tend to be social and can easily enthuse others. To convince this group, you can use testimonials and reviews. Show how your product has helped others and how it can possibly improve their social status. Also use social media and affiliate (influencer) marketing to get their attention.
For example, if you sell clothes, show how others wear your clothes and how it helps them to be confident and trendy.

DISC green: stability

The stable behavioural style is characterised by patience, reliability and consistency. People with a high green style tend to be loyal and value security and trust. To convince this group, you can emphasise the reliability and durability of your product. Give guarantees, offer good customer service and show how your product can help them simplify their daily lives.
For example, if you offer a financial service, show how your service helps them keep their finances in order and secure their future.

DISC blue: conformism

Finally, we have the conformist behavioural style. People with a high blue behavioural style tend to be organised, meticulous and value rules and procedures. They like certainty and avoid risk. To convince this group, you need to provide evidence that your product is reliable and compliant with standards and regulations. Show certifications, quality seals and positive reviews from industry authorities.
For example, if you sell a technology product, emphasise security and privacy features that meet the industry standards.

Sell with DISC

Most people have multiple behavioural styles in them, so it is not that simple. The DISC model is just a tool to better understand human behaviour and preferences. It can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy, but it is therefore not the only factor to consider.

How can you use DISC for marketing campaigns?

By considering the behavioural styles from the DISC model in your marketing efforts, you can tailor your message more effectively to the needs and preferences of different audiences.

How can you influence decision-making of the DISC behavioural styles?

Dominant: highlight benefits and results.
Influence: use testimonials and influencers.
Stability: emphasise reliability and guarantees.
Conformism: show certifications and labels.