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DISC blue explained in detail

DISC distinguishes four behavioural styles: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Conformism.
Many people are visually oriented. This makes the colours stick better than the names of the behavioural styles or DISC letters. Red, Yellow, Green and Blue are linked to the behavioural styles. In this blog, we will focus specifically on DISC Blue.

Blue DISC behavioural style: conformism

The colour blue belongs to the behavioural style Conformism. DISC blue measures the way a person deals with procedures and rules set by others. The blue colour can be traced to crystal blue. People who score high on this blue style ask themselves the question: “Do you think as logically as I do?”

This behavioural style is a combination between Thinking and Introvert in the quadrant. People who score high on the blue behavioural style feel most comfortable in an environment where facts and rational thinking prevail. They also do not want to have to make hasty decisions. This is because they want to take their time and go through all the details.

What does a blue behavioural style measure?

DISC blue measures the extent to which a person adapts (conforms) to guidelines and rules set (by others).

DISC blue behavioural style icon

Behaviour of DISC blue

People with a high blue behavioural style are perfectionist and detail-oriented. They like to analyse and get to the bottom of things. It is therefore very likely that the information they come up with is well-founded and verified. They are very reliable and loyal. They will ensure that they honour their commitments. They are focused on quality and details. Therefore, they can sometimes get a bit lost in that. Especially if they have tried very hard (which is almost always the case), they may find criticism of their work difficult.

Characteristics of DISC blue

  • Precise
  • Enquiry
  • Analytical

Pitfalls of DISC blue

  • Over critical
  • Indecisive
  • Stuck in details

Qualities of DISC blue

  • Ordered
  • Objective
  • Correct

Blue behaviour under stress

  • Nitpicker
  • Evasive
  • Cold, emotionless
DISC colour test blue

Blue behavioural style at work

People who score high on the blue behavioural style work best in teams with clear structures, guidelines, rules and clear agreements. They like being given time to work on defined tasks that they can focus on. This allows them to get all the details in order.
Conformist individuals like to do their work well. Specialist work therefore suits them well and it will motivate them if they can share their expertise with others and this is also appreciated by the other person.

Communicating with the blue DISC behavioural style

When communicating with someone who scores high on conformism, they may come across as somewhat distant in the first contact. They prefer to get to know someone a bit better before opening up. Stick to the facts, people who score high on conformist behavioural style prefer that. Therefore, keep social talk short. Do not sugarcoat your stories and keep your appointments. Be on time: not too late, but not too early either. People with a high-blue behavioural style do not like it if you come in with a lot of energy, loud or have a nonchalant attitude.

Want to know more about the other DISC behavioural styles?

Can you identify with the DISC blue traits? Or does another DISC behavioural style better reflect your way of communicating? Check out the details of the other DISC behavioural styles below.

Which DISC style do you have?

There is no easy way to tell. Perhaps you recognise some of the characteristics described above in yourself, but that does not mean you have a completely blue behavioural style. Everyone has something of each behavioural style in themselves; the combination and exact level of scores on each of the behavioural styles is what gives a complete picture. Want a clear picture of your scores on the four DISC styles? Then fill in a DISC analysis.


How can you best deal with someone with a high blue DISC style?

Someone with a high blue profile is conformist and precise, so provide clear instructions and information. Show respect for their need for structure and plan ahead to help them prepare.

Why is the DISC model also called ‘colour personality’?   

The DISC model is also called ‘colour personality’ because the colours are translated into the DISC behavioural styles and the emotions that arise with the colours are matched with the characteristics of the behavioural styles. Read more about the DISC colours here.

How can I make the most of someone’s qualities with a DISC blue profile?

To make the most of the qualities of someone with a DISC blue profile, it is important to communicate clearly and concretely, show respect for rules and procedures, show appreciation, be well prepared and avoid uncertainty.