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DISC green explained in detail

The DISC model identifies four behavioural styles: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Conformism. Each DISC style has specific behavioural characteristics. Everyone has something of each behavioural style in them. The higher you score on a particular style, the more present and recognisable it is to others. The behavioural styles have been given an appropriate colour for recognition. You may have heard it before: “I took a colour test once, I scored high on green.” But what does a high score on DISC green mean? Below, we explain it to you.

Green DISC behavioural style: stability

Green belongs to the behavioural style Stability. This represents the need for a stable and predictable environment. The green colour represents the earthy, soft green. “Just act normal, you’ll be crazy enough” is something you’ll also hear them say.

This behavioural style is a combination between Feeling and Introvert in the quadrant. People who score high on the green behavioural style feel most comfortable in a familiar environment with few changes.

DISC green behavioural style icon

What measures a green behavioural style?

The green DISC style measures how a person reacts to changes, tempo changes and how easily they adapt to them.

Behaviour of DISC green

People who score high on DISC green are balanced individuals who are easy to get along with. They are good at calming and reassuring others, have a lot of patience and are also tolerant. Individuals with green behaviour like to support others and keep their commitments. They are the team players who usually consider the team more important than themselves.

These individuals are there for others and offer a listening ear. They are real people-people who are genuinely interested in others. They like to keep relationships with others good and avoid conflict. Change is generally perceived as annoying. They like stability and predictability and like their environment to be the same.

Characteristics of DISC green

  • Calm
  • Steady
  • Helpful

Pitfalls of DISC green

  • Fails to set limits
  • Passive attitude
  • Clinging too much to the old

Qualities of DISC green

  • Loyal
  • Finishes tasks
  • Patient

Green behaviour under stress

  • Retreats
  • Stubborn
  • Inflexible
DISC colour test green

Green behavioural style at work

People with a high green behavioural style do best in small and close teams. When someone has stability as their predominant behavioural style, trust is very important. They therefore become motivated when it is clear to them what is expected of them. In addition, they like to be given time to prepare sufficiently so that they can get the best out of their work. Finally, appreciation for their work is very important. This acts as an extra incentive for them.

Communicating with the green DISC behavioural style

Approach people with DISC green as a behavioural style in a friendly manner and express appreciation for his or her work. People who score high on stability find genuine interest very important. Try to avoid conflict and help them make difficult decisions. They do not like it when their point of view is asked in a group if they have not been able to prepare for it.

The added value of DISC analyses

DISC analyses give you insight into behavioural preferences, both at individual and group level. The report helps with mutual understanding, awareness and development. The analyses can therefore be used for many purposes.

  • HR: in which place does someone come out best?
  • Recruitment: Does the job requirements match someone’s profile?
  • Team development: where are strengths and development points?
  • Training: increasing insights and mutual understanding.
  • Coaching: where does someone’s need lie?

Want to know more about the other DISC behavioural styles?

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Do you have any questions about DISC analyses Or are you curious about the possibilities for your organisation? Contact us.

FAQ about DISC green

How can you best deal with someone with a high green DISC style?

Someone with a high green DISC style is stable and wants harmony, so be friendly and empathetic in communication. Create a calm and relaxed atmosphere and give them time to think before making decisions. 

How can I make the most of someone’s qualities with a DISC green profile?

It is important to involve them in team activities and give them space and time to communicate and exchange ideas. It is also important to respect their need for harmony and consensus and encourage them to use their strengths of empathy and caring to support the team and the organisation. 

What is DISC Boulevard? 

DISC Boulevard is a company specialising in reliable, accessible and competitively priced DISC behavioural analyses. It offers analyses to HR professionals, trainers, coaches, recruiters, career coaches, recruitment & selection agencies, team coaches and all other professionals who like to work with the DISC analysis as a tool.