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DISC for recruitment

Recruiting and selecting people, it sounds so easy. But in practice, recruitment turns out to be a separate profession. A DISC analysis can therefore be of great value to recruiters. Whether there is a shortage of jobs or an abundance of supply, as a recruiter it can be quite a challenge to find a suitable candidate and get him or her in the right place. In what way can you make an informed choice so that there is an optimal match between the candidate and the position? DISC Boulevard’s tools can support you as a recruiter in this.

DISC helps recruiters

As a recruiter, you know better than anyone how difficult it can be to get the right person in the right place. Usually, the recruitment process consists of a list of fixed criteria, such as education, work experience, motivation, etc. But how valuable is this information? With DISC Boulevard’s DISC tools, you can further deepen the picture of a candidate. This gives you better insight into candidate behaviour and you can always put the right person in the right place.

Why use DISC in recruitment?

What are the benefits of using a DISC analysis? With a DISC behavioural analysis, also known as a DISC colour test, you get a picture of a candidate’s preferred behavioural styles. It reveals which behaviour the candidate shows under normal circumstances, but also under pressure and in the work environment.

DISC in recruitment: the applications

The DISC analysis is a great tool to use as a starting point for the interview. As a recruiter, the analysis gives you an insight into the candidate’s behavioural profile and therefore also into his or her strengths and weaknesses, which you can then ask further questions about.

It can be considered whether the behavioural characteristics are appropriate to the job requirements. Does someone have the behaviour naturally in them, or will it require a lot from them? A little stretch is not bad, but if it is always stretched, it can be a detrimental risk.
It gives a picture of the candidate’s ideal working environment. It becomes clear what the do’s and don’ts are in communication and what preferences someone has in working with colleagues and supervisor(s).
You can make an assessment of the candidate’s potential. What qualities are present? What are development points? How can an organisation ensure that full potential is used? This adds value for both the organisation and the candidate.
It is even better if you have a picture of the DISC styles of the team in which the candidate will be working. Then you can see what the candidate’s behavioural profile adds. Is it more of the same, or complementary?

DISC analysis as a valuable tool

Why a DISC-analysis? It is not a magic glass ball and does not guarantee the success or failure of a selection procedure. However, it can serve as a valuable tool to go deeper into the interviews faster, to see if the match is right for both candidate and organisation. In the short term, this saves time. In the long term, it prevents disappointment if someone is in a position that is not suitable.

Using DISC as a recruiter?

Want to use DISC as a recruiter? At DISC Boulevard, we make it as easy as possible for you to use the DISC analysis. Are you already certified and know how the tool works? Then you can immediately become a client and take the analysis. Would you like more information about the DISC analysis or are you curious about the possibilities for you as a recruiter? Then get in touch with us.

Why DISC Boulevard?

User-friendliness is paramount alongside quality. The DISC reports are accessible and written with positive criticism. We also paid attention to the design. In our portal, you easily arrange everything yourself, wherever and whenever you want. Still can’t figure it out? Then we will be happy to help you!

Also for other industries

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