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DISC communication training

How can you align your communication with your partner's preferred communication style? Use DISC!

DISC analyses can support you in career guidance, recruitment, coaching and training. For trainers, you can think about team development, sales training or communication training. Because good communication is very important for team cooperation. Effective communication can therefore be seen as the foundation of a team.

DISC Boulevard is the place where communication professionals purchase their professional DISC analyses. Our products are available in different variants to suit different fields of work.

A DISC analysis is not only useful for management, but rather for all levels within an organisation. By keeping the price low, DISC Boulevard makes it available to everyone. In addition, we have a choice of three profiles; basic, plus and pro. Besides the DISC model, people also sometimes talk about the DISC trainers team package or the TLC profiles’ colouring team package. Although similar, there are differences.

Improve communication with a DISC communication training programme

A DISC behavioural analysis identifies a person’s personal behavioural style. The score reflects the extent to which the four different behavioural styles are present in someone. The different behavioural styles all have their own characteristics, qualities and pitfalls. Also, each colour has a certain preference when it comes to communicating. There is no right or wrong in this. However, it can be very valuable to recognise and understand these styles.

By deploying the DISC analysis within a team, you get a good picture of the employees’ preferred styles. The scores can be processed into a team profile, allowing you to see at a glance what the composition within a team is. As a trainer, the analysis can help you give team members insight into their preferred communication styles. Insight often leads to understanding and thus the willingness to adapt your communication to the person sitting opposite you. The DISC analysis is therefore very suitable to use as a tool to improve communication within a team.

DISC Analyses from DISC Boulevard

DISC Boulevard offers the possibility of purchasing analyses at a very advantageous rate. We do not work with TLC profiles / team packages that require a minimum purchase. With us, you can specify how many analyses you want to purchase. In addition, we offer the possibility to choose from three types of analysis. There is the DISC analysis basic where you will receive the most essential information. But it is also possible to receive a more extensive report, in which case you choose Plus. Do you want a complete report with as much knowledge and content as possible? Then you can choose DISC analysis Pro. In addition, we offer a discount if you order several reports at once. This way, you can tailor your purchase to your needs. Because every team and every team development question is different.

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