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Working together based on the DISC styles 

Working together in a team can be challenging. All different people with different ways of communicating. In many teams we encounter, there is room for improvement in mutual cooperation. How can you improve collaboration with each of the different DISC styles? Below are some tips for collaboration by DISC style.

Taking DISC into account when working together in a team

By putting together a team using DISC, you ensure that everyone is in the right place and that all the qualities of the people in the team are fully utilised. Very valuable in other words. Does that mean you have to build a team with like-minded people? No, not necessarily. Because how effective is a team if everyone always agrees with each other? To work together effectively in a team with different DISC styles, it is important to understand what kind of communication each style prefers.

Cooperating with blue behaviour (Conformism)

Do you work with people with the blue behavioural style? Then keep the following in mind: 

  • Proceed in a planned and structured manner
  • Substantiate arguments with knowledge and figures
  • Make room for critical questions
  • Do not embellish stories and stick to the facts
  • Respect his or her need to be on his or her own from time to time
  • Let the person finish a task before presenting a new one
  • Keep risk-taking to a minimum
  • Allow time to perform work carefully, accurately and meticulously

Cooperating with red behaviour (Dominant)

Do you work with people with the red dominant behavioural style? Then be straight-to-the-point:  

  • Be specific and clear about what something delivers, don’t talk around it
  • Make and maintain eye contact when communicating with a D
  • Give him or her a choice, but let them decide for themselves
  • Be to-the-point and do not get bogged down in details
  • Make sure he or she can pursue a concrete and challenging goal
  • Use his or her time efficiently; do not waste it
  • Ask for his or her opinion and input
  • Give the framework, but let him or her decide on the how

Cooperating with green behaviour (Stability)

When working with people with the green behavioural style, it is important to provide stability:  

  • Create a safe and stable atmosphere
  • Do not put him or her on the spot
  • Give him or her time and space to think about something in order to make a decision
  • Appreciate his or her loyalty
  • Make sure the course set does not change all the time
  • State clearly what is expected of him or her
  • Show genuine interest and spend time on his or her well-being
  • Provide space to help each other

Cooperating with yellow behaviour (Influence)

Do you work with people with the yellow behavioural style? Here are the do’s:  

  • Create a relaxed and sociable atmosphere
  • Spend time on small-talk and make room for jokes
  • Let him or her think about creative solutions
  • Provide sufficient variety and new challenges
  • Focus on opportunities and possibilities; think positive
  • Do not let him or her do too much detailed work
  • Make sure you have a clear planning and stick to the deadline
  • Consult regularly and work together towards a goal

Managing a team

Do you lead a team and are you curious about how to best adapt your leadership to someone else’s DISC style? We’ve got 10 tips for effective management per DISC style.

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