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How to recognise the DISC styles

The key to effective communication lies in recognising the other person’s behavioural style so that you can align your own with it. Everyone has a combination of the four different behavioural styles but you often see one or two behavioural style(s) that are most strongly present in someone. By understanding your own behavioural style and recognising your conversation partner’s preferred style, you will be better able to connect with the other person.

So what do you recognise the different DISC styles by?

Recognising red behaviour

People who score high on the D-style, the red behaviour, are goal-oriented, performance-oriented, extraverted and do not shy away from challenges. They dare to take risks and want to make progress. They are individuals who like to take charge and lead the way. People with dominant behaviour are straightforward and like to tell it like it is. They thrive in a competitive environment. People with red behavioural style do not give up when they have decided they want to achieve success.

Recognising yellow behaviour

People who score high on the I-style, the yellow behaviour, are true optimists. These are individuals with a positive outlook on life who are very good at winning others over to their ideas. They enjoy establishing relationships and are good at inspiring those around them. Strangers they often see as new friends they do not yet know. They know better than anyone that a good relationship is the basis for doing business. They are mood creators who like to have fun and love to joke around. They are the lifeblood at parties and are warm and spontaneous towards others. They like to talk a lot (sometimes with large gestures) and make decisions based on feelings.

Recognising green behaviour

People who score high on the S style, the green behaviour, are the more balanced individuals who are easygoing. They are good at calming and reassuring others, have a lot of patience and are also tolerant. Persons with green behaviour like to support others, are helpful and like to keep their agreements. People with a high score on the S style are good team players who usually consider the team more important than themselves. These individuals are ready for others and offer a listening ear. They are real people-people who are genuinely interested in others. They like to keep relationships with others good and avoid conflict. They like stability and predictability and like it when their environment is too.

Recognising blue behaviour

People who score high on the C-style, blue behaviour, are the critical perfectionists. They are the people who go for quality. The persons who have things neatly ordered and organised at work, as well as privately. Persons with blue behaviour are the people who have things precisely figured out before they say anything. They are cautious and the persons who prefer to eliminate risks. They are not easily taken by surprise because they figure things out thoroughly beforehand and are prepared for things that could possibly happen. They will not express their opinions directly unless asked to do so. They proceed thoroughly, factually and systematically; not only at work, but also at home.