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What questions do the 4 DISC styles have?

Communication consists of verbal and non-verbal communication. What makes you have a very fluent conversation with one person and hard work with another? This is often due to similarities or, on the contrary, differences in behavioural styles. Two people with the same behavioural style generally fit together better than those with opposite behavioural styles. The key to effective communication lies in recognising the other person’s behavioural style and matching your own to it. So how do you recognise different behavioural styles? This can be done in several ways. For example, by the type of question each DISC type asks. Below are some sample questions for each behavioural style.

Blue behavioural style

  • How does this affect the procedure?
  • Shall we work this out in a roadmap first?
  • How can you be so sure?
  • What is that based on?
  • What guarantees can you give?
  • What research has shown that?
  • What is the exact risk we are running with this?
  • What exact bandwidth is there?

Red behavioural style

  • What do I get out of this?
  • How are you going to solve this?
  • Where does this lead concretely?
  • How quickly can this be sorted out?
  • What are my other options?
  • What is your best offer?
  • Does this distinguish us?
  • How much discount do I get?

Green behavioural style

  • Can I think about it calmly first?
  • So what does this mean for our team?
  • Is this really a safe way? Are you sure?
  • Is this all, or do we need to consider other things?
  • So when should this be finished?
  • I have huge doubts about this. Should we do this?
  • Shouldn’t we sleep on this?
  • How was your trip, did you get on well?

Yellow behavioural style

  • Small question… Would you adjust that for me? Not a big deal in itself.
  • I happened to see on LinkedIn that you know Sandra. Are you going to that match in the Arena? It might be fun if we go together. Can we arrange tickets through her?
  • Can you explain that again? I was distracted for a moment, not because of you!
  • I’m very slightly late because it was very busy on the way, that’s not a problem, is it?
  • Where can I find that information again?
  • I have a great idea, will you join me?
  • Look, here are the photos from the holiday. Don’t you think they’re brilliant?
  • Do we have anything fun planned together yet?

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In addition, each DISC style also has a hidden question. This is a thought that someone often holds but does not express. Want to know more about this?