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Hidden question and fear per DISC style

Each of the DISC styles has his or her own hidden question and fears. A thought that often goes unspoken, but that someone with this behavioural style is definitely concerned about…

Hidden question

Blue behavioural style Are you thinking as logically as I am?
Red behavioural style Are you just as strong as me, though?
Yellow behavioural style Do you actually like me?
Green behavioural style Can I really trust you?

The biggest fear of every DISC style

Every person has certain fears, though it may not seem so from the outside. This also applies to each of the DISC styles.


  • Being criticised at work
  • Not delivering quality, making mistakes
  • Having to take risks
  • Having to talk about feelings


  • Major changes
  • Conflicts, disruption of good atmosphere
  • Losing certainty and predictability
  • Unclarity


  • Being taken advantage of by others
  • Losing control
  • Stagnation, routine and boredom
  • Being known as weak or soft


  • Being rejected
  • Not being liked
  • Losing the appreciation of others
  • Losing influence