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FAQ’s about DISC

Looking for more information about DISC, the DISC questionnaire, DISC reports or have any other question? We’re happy to help. Below we offer you an overview of frequently asked questions about DISC.

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About our DISC analyses

Do you offer English DISC analyses?

Yes, we offer both Dutch and English DISC analyses. Our team reports are also available in both languages.

What is the difference between a DISC Basic, Plus and Pro analysis?

In short; the amount of content and depth. With the BASIC version, the content is practical and clear. In addition to this information, the DISC analysis PLUS also provides insight into personal style, what role someone assumes in the team and communication style. And do you want to get everything out of the analysis? Then go for DISC analysis PRO. With this version, you get a very complete picture including development tips, the intensity index and insight into what added value someone has for the organisation. You can choose which analysis you want to use, depending on your question and needs. View sample reports here.

Who is the DISC personality test for?

DISC analyses are for everyone. It gives you insight into your own behavioural and communication preferences. Boulevard offers DISC personality tests for independent professionals with experience in DISC analyses. In practice, these are often HR-professionals, coaches, career coaches, trainers, and recruiters.

Can the DISC personality test be used as an assessment?

The DISC personality test is regularly used as a component by HR professionals or recruiters to gain insight into a candidate’s suitability for a particular job. The DISC analysis shows where a person’s preferred behavioural styles lie and what qualities a person has. A good reason why DISC is a very useful tool, because it allows you to start a conversation in a targeted way and see whether someone fits a particular job. A DISC analysis thus serves to support the process. We explicitly do not recommend making a judgement based on the results of the analysis alone.

What is the difference between an online free DISC test and your DISC analyses?

Free is free for a reason. Our experience with free DISC tests is that the quality is not good and no validation has been done. So most free DISC tests are not reliable. In addition, they give a one-sided picture; it is not made clear what is being measured (is it basic style or response style?). For a small fee, you can buy a reliable DISC analysis from DISC Boulevard. Our advice: go for quality or don’t start.

About our system

How long are purchased credits available?

It can be beneficial to order more DISC analyses and keep the credits as you will be placed in a higher tier and thus get more discounts! The purchased credits are available for two years.

How can I log in if I have a new phone or a different phone number?

As long as your number is still the same, you will receive your verification code via SMS. Do you have a new number? Then contact us and we will update it.

My participant cannot find the link (anymore), what should I do?

That can happen. Through your account, you can send a reminder. The invitation will then be sent again. You can find this option under the ‘history’ tab in analyses you have already launched.

I entered the wrong details for my participant, can I still change this?

As long as the participant has not yet completed the analysis, you can change the e-mail address in your account in the ‘history’ tab. Don’t forget to resend the invitation after adjusting it.
Is the name entered incorrectly? No worries. The participant can change it themselves when they start the questionnaire. That way it will always be correct in the report.

Becoming a customer at DISC Boulevard

How can I become a client of DISC Boulevard?

We have made it as simple as possible for you. All you have to do is register with us and then you can get started right away.

I am DISC certified elsewhere, can I order DISC analyses from you?

Yes definitely! DISC Boulevard is just for DISC experts who know how to use the analyses. So it does not matter if you are certified elsewhere.

I do not have a (valid) DISC certificate, can I become a client?

We assume that you also want to deliver quality. Therefore, we place the responsibility on you as a professional and you can also buy analyses from us without a certificate or with an expired certificate. Have you not used any analyses for a number of years? Then we do advise you to refresh your knowledge. You can do so by reading up on it, for instance in our blogs or by taking another certification training course.

Why are you so affordable?

Because we don’t need to retain consultants or an entire in-house team, we can keep costs low. Our clients are professionals who already have experience with DISC as a tool. They do not need extensive personal advice, which of course saves us time. Our clients also pay directly online. That saves a lot of time on administration and unexpected reminders and therefore costs.

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