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DISC analysis BASIC

  • Essential insights
  • DISC behavioural charts
  • Practically applicable tools


DISC analysis PLUS

  • Extended analysis
  • All elements from BASIC
  • DISC wheel position
  • Personal style description

DISC analysis PRO

  • Very comprehensive picture
  • All elements from PLUS
  • Intensity index
  • Points of interest
  • Pleasant working environment

Clear scores

DISC behavioural analyses that reflect all the participant’s essential information.

Behavioural analyses for professionals

Analyses for HR professionals, trainers, (team) coaches, career coaches and recruiters.

Accessible reports

Approachable analyses that are easy to read. ‘Spot on’ writing for a high level of recognition.

Reliable tests

High-quality behavioural analyses to make individuals and teams even more effective!

Why DISC Boulevard?

DISC Boulevard is for professionals who are DISC certified or otherwise experienced in using DISC behavioural analysis and are looking for a quality analysis at a competitive price.

We do things differently from other DISC analysis providers. With us, you don’t pay for services you don’t use. Because, as a professional, you already know a lot about the backgrounds of DISC and have the necessary experience in the practical application of the analyses, with us you can start working directly yourself. As a result, we do not need to use consultants to explain to you how to interpret a score. And you will experience that in our rates. DISC Boulevard offers support with a professional testing environment and reliable reports.

Buy DISC analyses online. How does it work?

We offer 3 variants within our DISC behavioural analyses; Basic, Plus and Pro.

DISC analysis BASIC

A DISC analysis Basic containing the most essential information about your participant's score regarding the DISC behavioural styles.

In the DISC analysis Basic, you will find the scores on the DISC behaviour charts (basic and response styles), qualities, development points and the do's and don'ts in communication.

DISC analysis PLUS

In the DISC analysis Plus you will find all the ingredients from the Basic version, supplemented by the personal style description, the position in the DISC Profile, tips for more effective communication and an action plan.

DISC analysis PRO

Our DISC analysis Pro includes all the features of the DISC Plus variant as well as the reflection section, intensity display, tips for the manager and the ideal working environment.

With the DISC Pro version, you have a very complete picture of expressions of your respondent's DISC scores.

What is a DISC personality test?

DISC is a practical model that provides insight into our visible behaviour. It reflects how a person comes across in communication with his or her environment. It measures how the person deals with problems, challenges, rules and procedures, but also how he or she influences others and reacts to changes and tempos.

The analysis shows to what extent the DISC styles are present. This insight into personal behavioural styles is valuable when linked to the effectiveness of certain behaviours in different situations.

How does the DISC personality test work?

The DISC behavioural analysis consists of word chains that the respondent places in order: from most recognisable to least recognisable. Based on the answers, a personal DISC profile is compiled. We look at conscious behaviour and subconscious behaviour of the respondent. As a certified professional, you receive the respondent’s report in your personal account. With your respondent’s DISC report and your expertise as an HR professional, trainer, coach or recruiter, you prove your client your added value. With your practical experience, you use the DISC analysis as a tool for implementing a solution to the client’s problem.

What is the DISC colour test?

The analysis of behavioural styles is presented in the following categories:

  • D from Dominant
  • I from Influence
  • S from Stability
  • C from Conformism

These are indicated in a chart by the four DISC colours: red, yellow, green and blue.


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Resistance is a common phenomenon. Whether it is at work, in personal relationships or when pursuing personal goals; we all encounter resistance from time to time. But what exactly is resistance and how can we deal with it? This can be different for each DISC behavioural style.

Stephen Covey and DISC: a powerful combination

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Personality type VS behavioural style

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DISC Boulevard offers DISC personality tests for professionals with a DISC certification. For example HR professionals, coaches, career coaches, trainers, headhunters and recruitment agencies. We value quality and believe that participants completing the analysis should be given the right explanation. That is why we only work with certified professionals.
The DISC personality test is regularly used as a component by HR professionals to gain insight into a candidate's suitability. The DISC analysis, also known as the DISC colour test, shows where someone's preferred behavioural styles lie. This allows you to start the conversation in a targeted way and see whether someone fits a particular job.
Well, free is free for a reason. Our experience with free tests is that the quality is downright lousy. Most of these tests we have found are not reliable. In addition, they give a one-sided picture; it is not made clear what is being measured (is it basic style or response style? What is being measured at all?). For a small fee, you can already buy a reliable analysis. Our advice: go for quality and certainty or don't start with DISC.
Our DISC analyses are available in BASIC, PLUS and PRO. For a condensed view of a participant's DISC profile, DISC BASIC is very suitable. In addition, if you want more information about someone's qualities, what role someone has in a team and what their preferences are in terms of communication, then you should opt for the PLUS analysis. You get the most complete report with PRO. In addition to the information from BASIC and PLUS, here you also get insight into the qualities and development points and where someone's added value for an organisation lies. Ideal for the professional to quickly go in-depth and take follow-up steps.
Our DISC analyses are available in BASIC, PLUS and PRO. For a concise representation of a participant's DISC profile, DISC BASIC is very suitable. If you also want more information about someone's qualities, which role someone has in a team and what their preferences are in terms of communication, you should choose the PLUS package. You get the most complete report with PRO. In addition to the information from BASIC and PLUS, it gives you insight into the qualities and development points and where someone's added value for an organisation lies. Ideal for the professional to quickly seek in-depth information and take follow-up steps.
We assume that you also want to deliver quality to your customer. Therefore, we place the responsibility on you as a professional and you can buy analyses from us even if you have not renewed your certificate. If you have not used any analyses for several years, we advise you to refresh your knowledge. You can do this by reading up on it, or by attending a certification training course again.
In short; the amount of content. With the BASIC version, the content is practical and clear. In addition to this information, the DISC analysis PLUS also provides insights about personal style, the DISC profile and communication style. And do you want to get everything out of the analysis? Then go for DISC analysis PRO. With this version, you get a very complete picture, including development tips and the intensity index. You can choose which analysis to use depending on your question and needs.

Ideally, DISC Boulevard offers exactly the analyses I need and I therefore pay nothing too much for service I don't really need.

- Jeroen, Den Haag (the Netherlands)

As an employment expert, I regularly coach young people, where understanding their qualities and development points takes them a big step forward. DISC Boulevard's analyses provide a great basis for this, supplemented by my own expertise.

- Rachid, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Coaching within organisations is very personal. I coach people on personal change issues and work on development from within. Growth starts with insight into who you are as a person. The DISC Boulevard analyses provide this insight and I use them as a starting point in many coaching processes. I find DISC Boulevard's DISC analyses nice and practical without excess information.

- Emily, Nijmegen (the Netherlands)