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Official DISC Certification

Are you also enthusiastic about DISC and do you want to become a DISC trainer or coach? Would you like to expand your knowledge of DISC on a personal or professional level? Then the official DISC certification is for you! In this training course, you will learn all about DISC and especially how to apply DISC in practice by training with the concepts behind the 4 DISC factors.

During DISC certification, you will spend a whole day diving into the world of DISC. You will learn to interpret all common DISC combinations and provide feedback. Personal attention is paramount in the training. That is why we train in small groups. There will be plenty of room for questions and interaction.

What will you learn?

➞ The DISC theory;
➞ How to clearly explain DISC to others;
➞ How to take and interpret the DISC analysis;
➞ What the meaning of the graphs are and what a change in them means;
➞ How to conduct a consultation;
➞ How to create and interpret a team profile.

At the end of the DISC certification training:

✓ Have you practised a lot with DISC consultations;
✓ Are you sufficiently skilled and familiar enough to start working with DISC (analyses) practically;
✓ Can you start using your practice profiles right away;
✓ You can also start working with our DISC tools to make your training even more meaningful;
✓ And, of course, you will have an official DISC certificate, which is more and more requested.

DISC training dates and locations

DISC certifications are provided throughout the Netherlands and in Antwerp. So there is always a training near you. We have limited spots for each training.

February 8
DISC Certification
Amsterdam (NL)

April 9
DISC Certification
Veenendaal (NL)

March 5
DISC Certification
Zwolle (NL)

May 14
DISC Certification
Rotterdam (NL)

March 27
DISC Certification
Eindhoven (NL)

June 4
DISC Certification
Antwerpen (BE)

Your investment is €749 (excluding VAT).

What is included?

  • Lunch;
  • DISC trainersmanual;
  • 3 free DISC analyses that you can set out of your choice with which to practice;
  • 25 good day bad day cards for your DISC training sessions;
  • An official DISC certificate.
    The DISC Certificate at DISC Boulevard remains valid indefinitely.
DISC certification from DISC Boulevard

What does the certification training look like?

A DISC certification at DISC Boulevard consists of the following steps:

  1. Completing your own DISC analysis. This will teach you more about your own preferred DISC styles. During the training you will work with your own analysis.
  2. Take the DISC E-learning module. In about 2 hours, you will learn the backgrounds of DISC, followed by a test. This will prepare you for the DISC Certification training.
  3. DISC Certification Training. One day on location together with other professionals under the guidance of a DISC master trainer. The focus will be on practice and you will deepen your DISC knowledge and skills. If you pass this day successfully and show that you are above the material, you will receive your official DISC Certificate.

Questions about DISC certification?

Do you have any questions about certification, class content or other comments? Below, we have listed the most frequently asked questions.
Is your question not listed? Please contact us via info@discboulevard or via + 31 (0) 85 004 33 49.

Why follow a DISC certification?

At DISC Boulevard, a DISC certification is not a requirement to work with our DISC analyses if you already have extensive knowledge of DISC. However, a DISC Certification training course offers an in-depth insight into the world behind the DISC model and all possible occurring DISC combinations. With our DISC Certification, you will get much more out of a DISC analysis consultation. By attending this training, you as a professional will not only know how to easily answer all the difficult substantive questions. You can give your respondent or group more insights into how their behavioural profile works in practice. In addition, more and more clients are asking for an official DISC certificate.

Can I purchase DISC analyses without an DISC certification?

At DISC Boulevard, you can also purchase DISC analyses without a DISC certification. Nevertheless, we always recommend obtaining a DISC certification with us, because it allows you to get much more out of a DISC analysis and to find out how the DISC profile works specifically for each individual.

The difference between a DISC training and a DISC certification

The terms DISC training and DISC certification are often used interchangeably in practice. In a DISC training course, the DISC methodology is explained and often practised. A DISC certification training goes much further. In this, you learn to understand the world behind a DISC analyses and build factor knowledge. You learn to understand, interpret and apply the differences between all four DISC factors from a respondent’s context. Only when you successfully complete a DISC certification will you receive an official certificate. This is not the case with a DISC training course.

For which industry are DISC analyses relevant?

DISC can be interesting for any industry. Because in any industry, you work in teams and can improve cooperation and communication, for example. DISC analyses are mainly used by trainers, coaches, HR staff, recruiters, advisers, career counselors, consultants, managers and entrepreneurs.