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5 reasons why team building makes absolute sense: The importance of a cohesive team

A cohesive team is essential to an organisation’s success. When team members work well together and trust each other, more can be achieved and challenges can be tackled more effectively. To achieve this, it is of course useful to understand the different DISC styles present within your team. But don’t forget the impact of teambuilding! In fact, it is essential to integrate team building into the corporate culture. In this article, we discuss why team building is absolutely useful and how it contributes to creating a cohesive team.

1. Team building improves communication

Good communication is crucial to the functioning of a team. Teambuilding activities, such as workshops and games, provide an opportunity to improve communication between team members. By working together towards a common goal and discussing mutual expectations and needs, team members can better understand how to cooperate and communicate.

2. Team building strengthens trust

Team building can help strengthen trust between team members. By getting to know each other better and working together on challenging tasks, team members can experience that they can count on each other and exploit each other’s strengths. This leads to better cooperation and increases trust in each other. In addition, you get to know colleagues in different ways than within the usual working environment, which again can strengthen trust in each other.  

3. Increased motivation through team building

When team members know and understand each other better, and when they feel part of a cohesive team, they are more motivated to perform. Team building can also help create a positive work environment, which increases the motivation and commitment of team members. 

4. Stimulates team creativity

Team building activities offer the opportunity to think creatively and generate new ideas. By brainstorming and working together on creative tasks, team members discover new perspectives and this enables them to come up with original ideas. This can help find innovative solutions to problems and challenges. 

5. Improves team performance 

Teambuilding activities can help improve a team’s performance. Through better communication, enhanced trust, increased motivation and stimulation of creativity, a team can work more effectively and meet challenges more effectively. This leads to better performance and higher productivity. 

In short, team building is essential for creating a cohesive team and improving an organisation’s performance. Team building activities can improve communication, boost mutual trust, increase motivation, boost creativity and improve performance. Enough reasons to organise an activity with your team soon! 


What are some examples of team building activities?

Examples of team building activities include escape rooms, team building workshops, outdoor activities such as paintball or kayaking, and sporting events such as football or basketball tournaments.

Is team building only important for large organisations?

No, team building is important for organisations of any size. Creating a cohesive team is crucial to the success of any organisation, regardless of the size of the company or team.

How often should you organise teambuilding activities?

It is advisable to organise regular team-building activities, for example every quarter. This can help strengthen relationships between team members and improve cooperation.