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Core qualities and pitfalls

Each DISC behavioural style has its own core qualities and thus strengths. But there are also pitfalls that correspond to different DISC behavioural styles. Below you can read about some of the qualities and pitfalls of each behavioural style.

Core qualities of the DISC-styles

A core quality is a positive trait you have. You cannot teach a quality, you have got it by nature.

DISC rood gedragsstijl icon Dominant | RedDISC geel gedragsstijl icon Influence | YellowDISC groen gedragsstijl icon Stability | GreenDISC blauw gedragsstijl icon Conformism | Blue
Is result-orientedIs too optimisticIs steadyWants to deliver quality
Wants progressGlass is half fullHas eye for othersPrecise
Takes chargeCreates funGood listenerWorks meticulously
Doesn’t give upObligingEnsures harmonyHas an eye for detail
Is purposefulWanting to influenceIs controlledWorks systematically
Shows courageCandidGoes for the teamMonitors appointments
Wants to winMotivatingIs a loyal forceIs observant
Tells it like it isSees opportunitiesHas genuine interestIs prepared
Is a self-starterThinking in terms of possibilitiesIs patientFollows the standards
Is resoluteIs spontaneousIs the connectorDoes thorough research
Is adventurousIs exuberantIs benevolentIs diplomatic
Shows entrepreneurshipIs energeticWill continue steadilyBrings structure
Is confidentComes across as charmingSpeaks nuancedActs deliberately
Takes on challengesIs talkativeIs modestIs conscientious
Works autonomouslyIs communicativeIs balancedSpeaks thoughtfully
Is combativeIs casualActs in a subservient waySubstantiates

Pitfalls of the DISC styles

Each of the DISC styles not only has qualities, but also pitfalls: points of interests. It helps if you are aware of them and consider them in your communication or cooperation with others.

DISC rood gedragsstijl icon Dominant | RedDISC geel gedragsstijl icon Influence | YellowDISC groen gedragsstijl icon Stability | GreenDISC blauw gedragsstijl icon Conformism | Blue
OffensiveLoudSilently resistingCold
EgocentricMessyToo indulgentNitpicker
AuthoritarianWide-spokenEliminating himselfInflexible
DictatorialSelf promotingSilentPrinciple
OverconfidentSpeaks a lotDependentCompulsive
IntolerantUnrealisticNot taking a standDefensive
Gets angry quickBlamingSubmissiveFactual
CompetingNon-admissiveAvoids conflictDistant
The end justifies the meansDemonstrativeUnchangingWorrying
Tunnel visionIntrusivePassivePessimistic
SassyHardly concreteIndesiciveImpersonal
RecklessBad listenerDependentOvercritical
AggressiveTheatricalMaking things upPrivate
CompellingUninhibitedPushing to provide helpSuspicious
the urge to prove yourselfOverly optimistic viewOnzichtbaarStraightforward

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