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DISC yellow explained in detail

With the DISC model, you map observable behaviour. It is about how you come across to others, not about who you are. The DISC model is divided into four behavioural styles: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Conformism. Each of the behavioural styles has specific behavioural characteristics.

Behavioural styles are sometimes more difficult to remember. A colour, on the other hand, is expressive and easy to remember. You’re also more likely to hear: “I also took a DISC test once, my highest behavioural style was mostly Yellow.” You are less likely to hear: “I also took a DISC test once, my highest behavioural style was Influence.” In this blog, we will explain to you what DISC yellow means.

Yellow DISC behavioural style: influence

The colour yellow belongs to the behavioural style Influence. Influence represents how people with this behavioural style want to influence their environment. The yellow colour stands for being sunny and radiant.

This behavioural style is a combination between Feeling and Extravert in the quadrant. People with a high yellow DISC style are focused on winning others over and are characterised by enthusiasm, openness and optimism.

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What does a yellow behavioural style measure?

The yellow DISC style measures how a person influences and convinces others of his or her ideas, opinions or views.

Behaviour of DISC yellow

People with a high yellow behavioural style are enthusiastic, spontaneous and like to socialise in a group. They make contact easily and enjoy maintaining it. Networking therefore suits them well. They enjoy inspiring and motivating others. They do this from their powers of persuasion and charisma. In doing so, they often express themselves verbally and non-verbally exuberantly.
They feel most comfortable in a dynamic environment. They are quick to launch new initiatives and are committed to getting the whole group involved. Fun and sociability are their top priorities!

Characteristics of DISC yellow

  • Energetic
  • Spontaneous
  • Outspoken

Pitfalls of DISC yellow

  • Impulsive
  • Lack of structure
  • Does not complete tasks

Qualities of DISC yellow

  • Convincing
  • Enthusiastic
  • Motivating

Yellow behaviour under stress

  • Chaotic
  • Woolly
  • Overly optimistic
DISC colour test yellow

Yellow behavioural style at work

People who have influence as their dominant behavioural style become motivated by collaboration and thinking big. The sky is the limit! They like a positive and enthusiastic working atmosphere. They need variety and new projects. Coming up with creative ideas suits them well.

Communicating with the yellow DISC behavioural style

Stay positive and open in your approach. Above all, discuss the opportunities and possibilities that exist. People with a high yellow behavioural style like to think along and often come up with creative solutions. Avoid a conversation purely on facts and details. This is where they often drop out. Discuss the main points and put the details in writing.

Want to know more about the other DISC behavioural styles?

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Getting started with DISC

Wondering what your predominant behavioural style is or that of your colleagues? DISC yellow, green, red or perhaps blue? Find out with the DISC analyses by DISC Boulevard. Do you have any questions about the DISC analyses or want to know more? Then feel free to contact us.


How can you best communicate with someone with a high yellow DISC style?

Someone with a high yellow behavioural style is influential and enthusiastic, so give them space to talk and share their ideas. Be positive and show interest in their personal life to build a good relationship. 

Is there a right or wrong in DISC’s different behavioural styles? 

There is no right or wrong in DISC’s different behavioural styles. Each colour has its own characteristics, qualities, pitfalls and also has a certain preference when it comes to communicating. It is valuable to recognise and understand these styles but nothing is better than the other.

How can I make the most of someone’s qualities with a DISC yellow profile?

To make the most of the qualities of someone with a DISC yellow profile, it is important to give them the freedom to come up with new ideas and experiment. Give them room for creativity and innovation and be open to their suggestions and insights.