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Recruitment with DISC

Create the perfect match

Recruitment is a profession in its own right; recruitment can be tricky. Do you sometimes find it difficult to find the right candidate for the job? Is the CV spot-on but you still doubt whether the candidate is suitable? Sometimes candidates present themselves differently than they are in order to get a chance at the job. That’s where DISC can help you!
DISC analyses provide insight into both conscious and unconscious behaviour. This allows you to discover a person’s qualities, but also their development points. With DISC, you really get to know someone.

What you can achieve with DISC analyses:
✔ Get a good and complete picture of the candidate;
✔ Get insight into qualities and development points;
✔ Find out how the candidate fits into the current team;
✔ Find out what motivates the candidate;
✔ Find out what the ideal working environment is for the candidate in which they can flourish.

“As an employment expert, I regularly coach young people, where understanding their qualities and development points takes them a big step forward. DISC Boulevard’s analyses provide a great basis for this, complemented by my own expertise.”
– Rachid, Amsterdam (NL)

Using DISC in recruitment

With a DISC analysis, you can bind both clients and candidates to you. After all, you know exactly what a client wants and is looking for. You will also be able to assess the candidate because you are aware of his or her potential. This enables you to make a perfect match for a long-term collaboration. Would you like more information? Read along here. Wondering how best to use DISC?

Our DISC analyses

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